Bao Dai Waterfall


Lying ethereally amongst the tranquil forest of Ta In (Ta Hine commune, Duc Trong, Lam Dong) is the mighty waterfall of Jráiblian (also known as Bao Dai waterfall) with its unique mysterious beauty. The waterfall itself and the surrounding landscapes of wildlife are indeed a potential tourist attraction in Lam Dong in general and across the Central Highlands in particular. 

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Bảo Đại falls (also known as Jráiblian falls) is named after Vietnam’s last emperor. It’s said that Bảo Đại (1913-1997) would stop here on his numerous hunting trips to the region, during which he and his royal entourage would hunt wild tigers and elephants, among other magnificent animals that are now almost entirely gone from the forests and mountains of Vietnam. These enormous, thundering falls are far from the beaten path and the area has only recently been developed as a tourist site. So far, development has been subtle and tasteful, perhaps suggesting a new approach by the Vietnamese tourism authorities.

Bao Dai waterfall (via vietnamcoracle)

The modest entrance leads into peaceful landscaped gardens with a couple of attractive wooden houses. Stone steps and pathways through sheer rock lead down to the waterfall. Dense jungle foliage and screaming cicadas create a thrilling and exotic atmosphere as you scramble over boulders covered in roots, brush aside vines, climbers, creepers and other epiphytes, to reveal the first sight of this huge and powerful waterfall. At around 70 metres high and over 100 metres wide these falls are the biggest and most spectacular in this list. The cascade of muddy water drops straight down over a wall of volcanic rock. At its base one or two local fishermen cast their lines into the rock pools, looking fragile and delicate in the presence of the towering falls.

The legend story of Jraiblian waterfall

According to Churu people, we have recorded a legend of Jraiblian waterfall as followed: In the old time, at Ktun region, there were a boy (Stak) and his uncle (Zuwar). They usually went fishing together. Once day, they didn’t catch any fish after all day fishing and they were very hungry.

Bao Dai waterfall (via youtube)

Until sunset, they suddenly saw a very big egg in a small cave. They both wanted to pick up but they were afraid. Finally, they decided to boil it. Then each of them wanted to eat first so that the other couldn’t meet danger from the egg. Zuwar said to Stak that: “I am old now, no problem if I die, I will eat first”, but Stak didn’t agree and finally he ate first. After eating the egg, all his body itched. The more Zuwar scratched, the more his nephews body itched. Then Stak decided to jump down the stream to soak his body. For a wonder, his body turn big as a poddy after a white and a buffalo in the next morning. The uncle informed Stak parent about an abnormal Stak. When his parent saw him, he was still alive but his arm and leg had scale like a crocodile, his body had a long tail. Stak said to his parent that he didn’t want to live when he turned into a crocodile, so he asked them bring 7 buffaloes, 7 cows, 7 chickens and 7 ducks for him to eat. After eating, he still alive and his body then was a long house of ethnic people.

Facing to that situation, Stak relatives argued about to let him live or die. Finally, they bring him a heart and said to him that it was meat. He, a real crocodile at that time, ate “the meat” and died. Since then, the stream where Stak usually went fishing has had wonderful ripple.

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