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Ragunan Zoo (known as Kebun Binatang Ragunan in Indonesia) is the largest animal park in all of Southeast Asia and highly recommended for a day out with the whole family. It’s possible to see over 400 species of animal, both indigenous to Indonesia and from as far away as Africa, Arabia and North America.

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The Nuance

In terms of size, Ragunan Zoo has the width of about 140 hectares. As mentioned before, it stores numerous species of animals and their habitat. At least, there are 295 species of animals, which are kept well. There is also an iconic statue of an elephant, which often becomes an object of photography. Near to it, a serene pond resides with lots of natural ornaments like plants and small trees. With such shady and comfortable atmosphere, the guests would be happy to explore it. On top of that, the environment is quite clean.

Ragunan Zoo (via indonesiaholidays.com)

Exploring Ragunan Zoo

Like other zoos, Ragunan offers many types of animals, including mammals, reptiles, primates, fowls, and many others. The thing is the number of animals has decreased, as compared to the past. Still, the rest of them are quite eye-catching! This explains why many visitors carry a camera to take some pictures of the animals. When it is about the most favorite area, it is definitely the Schmutzer Primate Center. In fact, it becomes the biggest primate preservation on the planet and it keeps various primates like gorillas, chimpanzees, white apes, gibbons, etc.

What’s next? Some animal attractions or shows are conducted regularly, including the snake dance and an elephant riding. Those are usually performed on weekends and tourists should pay some money to enjoy them. As an alternative, tourists can enjoy screenings regarding animals or other topics. Thanks to the management. Visitors would get lots of fun and entertainment there. Plus, good environment maintenance makes the zoo more comfortable to explore. Despite such excellent upkeep, tourists should never litter or cause harm to either the zoo or animals! That’s the prime rule to obey when visiting Ragunan Zoo.

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The next activity is to explore all parts of the zoo. Both the scenery and nuance are quite satisfying! Moreover, the zoo provides some interesting services like a mini train and bicycles, which are rentable. That means tourists can get around the zoo without spending too much energy. Moreover, the rent fee is affordable.

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How to Get There

Ragunan Zoo is located in Pasar Minggu Sub-district, South Jakarta City. To be exact, it resides in Harsono Street 1. For those coming from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, it takes about 36 minutes as the distance is 35.8 km. The best route to take is Jakarta outer ring road, actually.

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