The peaceful beaches in Quy Nhon

The peaceful beaches in Quy Nhon

If visitors are familiar with the Muslim tour of Vung Tau , Nha Trang, Quy Nhon will be an attractive destination for beach lovers and peace. Let’s enjoy the peaceful beaches of Quy Nhon. Located in the south-eastern province of Binh Dinh, a pat on the east side of the sea , one side is lush rolling mountains.

Let’s enjoy the peaceful beaches of Quy Nhon

Egg Stone Beach

Egg Stone Beach or Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach is located in scenic Ghenh Rang hill which has the width of 35 hectares and locating 3km southeast of Quy Nhon city. The beach promises to bring a strong impression on tourists by the arch-shaped beach combined with  fine white sand, clean and blue water, as well as huge egg-shaped stones in the beach. Coming Egg Stone Beach, the tourist can swim in a deep-blue sea or discover the beauty of Ghenh Rang, wonderful rocky cliffs running to the edge of the sea.

The Quy Hoa Beach is located in front of the Quy Hoa leper camp

Quy Hoa Beach

The Quy Hoa Beach is located in front of the Quy Hoa leper camp. As their name, the Quy Hoa Beach is clean, peaceful and clear water. Row of green poplar trees swaying lightly in the wind, birds chattering sounds to mix sound of waves brings the tourist a peaceful feeling. After swimming, the tourist can visit Quy Hoa leper camp. Different from their name, the leper camp is an airy and romantic space with curved roads, especially busts of the world’s most famous physicians.


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